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Learn to Play Duane Eddy

The five tracks on Learn To Play Duane Eddy are the instantly recognizable Ghost Riders In The Sky, Peter Gunn, a top ten hit all around the world and winner of the Grammy award for Best Rock Instrumental 1986. There is also the sweet rollicking instrumental Cannonball and the atmospheric Night Train. Plus with its heavily echoed opening, a track from a period considered by many to be Eddy's finest Rebel Rouser, which is probably the one that he is still most often identified with.

Steve walks you through step-by-step each of the five tracks on this guitar lesson DVD. The split screen enables you to see what the fretting hand is playing at the same time as showing you what the strumming hand is doing. Because it is a guitar video you can go back over any part of the lesson time and time again to ensure you get that sound just right.

Grammy award winning, American guitarist Duane Eddy devised early in his career a technique that involved playing lead guitar on bass strings, thus producing that characteristic low reverberant "twangy" sound. This new DVD will help teach you how to play and master Duane's unique style and sound.