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Hot Roddin' Boogie: A Rockabilly Roundup

Rockabilly music is an exciting, purely American art form that emerged in the 50’s and swept away teens with its high-octane rhythms. Guitarists such as Scatty Moore (with Elvis Presley) and Cliff Gallup (with Gene Vincent), along with Carl Perkins, created a style as popular today as it was 30 or even 40 years ago.

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Finger Lickin' Chicken Pickin'

What is “chicken pickin’”? You could ask 20 different pickers and get 20 different answers. I’ve been asked this question on many occasions, and this is my standard definition: chicken pickin’ is a right-hand picking technique - used most often by country guitarists, but also occasionally by rock and blues players- which involves alternating between your pick and fingers to create a sound that resembles the noise of a common barnyard chicken.

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