Steve is a world class guitarist who has released several recordings under his own name - all of which have been met with favorable reviews. He is a versatile as they come and has come to master several styles of music. Trovato’s masterly technique, intoxicating spontaneity and mesmerizing choice of material never fail to dazzle audiences everywhere. His Kaleidoscopic mixture of genre hopping is at once exhilarating and soothing handily ranking him as one of the most accomplished and emotionally affecting guitarists in the world.


Initially beginning his musical career as a pianist, Steve Trovato converted to guitar at the age of 15. Word about his playing started to spread and he joined the first of many bands working the New Jersey club scene. His remarkable ability to cover a broad range of musical styles including rock, jazz, country and blues established Steve Trovato as a stand-out among his peers. Eager to push his guitar skills even further, Steve headed west to attend the famed Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California. Graduating first in his class, Steve won the Gibson Award for outstanding musical achievement.

As a renowned music professor, Steve has published dozens of guitar instructional method courses including: DVD’s, book/ audio, interactive and live streaming for Warner Brothers, Hal Leonard and Alfred Music Publishers. He has been interviewed by Guitar Music Publications world-wide and is the recipient of numerous awards as both educator and artist.

He currently holds a position in the Studio Guitar and Contemporary Popular Music Performance Departments at the University of Southern California.

Recording extensively as a session player, he can be heard on several television and motion picture scores. He supplements his teaching with a rigorous touring schedule including clinics, master classes and as an artist in residence.

The media has also taken note. Internationally, Steve has been featured in virtually every guitar oriented magazine worldwide.

Steve’s first album, “About Time… “received favorable reviews and acknowledgements from his peers. Guitar Player Magazine dubbed him: “The New Superpicker”. His second album, “Country Jazzmaster” featured Gabe Witcher of “The Punch Brothers” and melded the styles of jazz and country into a unique hybrid of Americana guitar. By combining elements of country and jazz, Steve has created a unique stylistic niche that resonates with both musicians and fans alike

In 2011, Steve was asked to headline Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night. This concert has become a landmark event, occurring each year and coincides with the music industry’s NAMM show.

As a world class educator, Steve has authored over 30 instructional books and videos covering all facets, levels and styles of guitar technique. For nearly 40 years, his recordings and live performances have touched musicians and fans across the globe. Steve’s musical ability transcends genres and has helped define the modern era of music education and live performance.